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We're home from Alaska, and the shimmering summer catch is almost here and ready for pickup! Our freezer will be plumb-full and ready for you to stock-up on the beautiful wild Alaska bounty.

Thank you to everyone who ordered for the Fall Salmon Stock-Up.

If you missed us, make-up pick-ups will take place October 17 in Sandpoint.


OCT 17: Secondary Fall Make-up Pick-Up (Sandpoint)

OCT 18: Tri-Cities Salmon Stock-Up

OCT 19: Secondary Fall Make-up Pick-Up (Spokane, Liberty Lake, CDA)

December 2023 - Winter Salmon Stock-Ups (Dates TBD)

FedEx Orders for doorstep delivery will ship mid October.

welcome aboard

Every summer, the tides pull us north to commercially fish for wild salmon aboard our boat, F/V Thunder, in the icy-cold waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska.


We harness the abundance from our summer's wild harvests to sustainably fuel our communities back home with beautiful, wild, nourishing superfood to be enjoyed year-round. When we aren’t fishing on the boat, we’re sharing our Alaska salmon fillets and creating artisan provisions, made in small batches using real, whole-food, simple ingredients.


By sourcing your salmon deck-to-dish, directly from us - your fisherman - you actively foster a direct connection to our bountiful oceans, share a traceable relationship with your food source, cast a vote honoring our sustainable ecosystem, and give nod to fishermen who harvest responsibly. Welcome aboard! 

- Kara and Capt. Taran

Fishermen and CoOwners


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.11.06


Wild Salmon Chowder


deck to dish
Hand - harvested for you, by us : your fishermen.
Filleted and fresh-flash-frozen to fill your freezer
and enjoy all year long.
know your fishermen
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Receive delicious and healthy new recipes, updates on fresh catches, buying and order-pick-up locations, and exclusive promotions directly from Captain Taran!

Captain Taran and Kara of Thunder's Catch Seafood
Taran White and Kara Berlin 
Fishermen and Co Owners of Thunder's Catch
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Thunder's Catch
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