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Black Cod (also known as Sabelfish) is considered one of the most prized white-fish species. With the highest omega-3 content of any white fish, it has bright white flakes and a silky, lusciously-smooth texture. It is rich, buttery-sweet in flavor.


We have the special opprotunity to share a very limited supply of this Black Cod, which was harvested with premium quality and care aboard our friend's vessel in the icy waters of Southeast Alaska. Carefully hand caught, it was professionally hand trimmed, filleted, deboned, portioned into  7 oz portions, packaged in clear vacuum sealed bags, and immediately flash frozen to preserve freshness. 


For this 10 lb box, you will receive approximately 22 vaccum sealed portions of Wild Alaska Black Cod.



After our summer harvest arrives off the frozen barge from Alaska in late September, we host seasonal Salmon-Stock-Ups for local pick-up every Fall, Winter, and Spring in Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, CDA, Liberty Lake, Spokane, and Tri-Cities. Please select your preferred pick-up location when placing your order. 



City Parking Lot

FRIDAY | May 17 | 11-11:30 AM

*pre-ordered pick-ups only



Matchwood Brewing

FRIDAY | May 17 | 3:30-5:30 PM



Target Parking Lot (SW Corner of lot) | 95 & Canfield

SATURDAY | May 18 | 1:00-1:30 PM

*pre-ordered pick-ups only



Liberty Lake Farmers' Market (parking lot) | 1421 N Meadowwood Ln

SATURDAY | May 18 | 2:00 - 2:30 PM

*pre-ordered pick-ups only



Fred Meyer (NE Corner of Parking Lot) | 400 S Thor St

SATURDAY | May 18 | 3:00 - 3:30 PM

*pre-ordered pick-ups only



Jefferson Park | 1400 George Washington Way, Richland

MAY 2024: Date TBD

*pre-ordered pick-ups only

PRE-ORDER: Wild Alaska Black Cod - 10 lb Box

1 Pound

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