Wild Alaska Halibut is considered to be one of the finest eating whitefish in the world, prized for its firm, pearl-white meat and mild flavor.


We are fortunate to have the opportunity to share wild Alaska Halibut caught aboard our neigboring fisherman's vessel in the icy waters of Alaska. This halibut was harvested with premium quality and care, hand trimmed, filleted, de-boned, packaged in clear vacuum sealed bags, and immediately flash frozen to preserve freshness.


The skin and bones have been removed, and portioned into bite-size chunks. We think they're best enjoyed skewered and grilled for fish tacos, air-fried for fish and chips, sauteed for protein on a salads, or added to seafood soups, chowders, curries, and broths. 


For this 10 lb order, you will receive approxamately 2-3 vaccum sealed bags of Halibut chunks (each vaccum sealed bag weighing 3-4lbs each).

Wild Alaska Halibut Chunks - 10 lb Box

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    sustainable  wild  all-natural


    sustainable   wild   all-natural

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